Hackers again

Well, I thought we were in the clear from the evil HaX0rs got in again and this time we had to flash the whole server. Thus, I have lost all posts since last March 14th. Amateur Night, I know. Things are a little tighter now, but I won't be replacing all posts, unfortunately. I will be adding the video of Seniors again soon, just so that everybody still has access to it. I'll also be looking into selling the Celebrating Mediocrity shirts within the next month.

Bracket Prediction Update

There will probably be a lot of them, but I'm trying to keep track as best as I can. As always, if you find one that I'm not seeing, send me an email at phogblog @ gmail.com. The latest entry into the Bracket Projections is the Atlanta Journal Constitutions Tony Barnhart, who weighs in with the following for his one seeds:


• Chicago Regional: Illinois (28-0, RPI No. 2). College basketball's last unbeaten team likely won't have to travel far if it keeps winning: Indianapolis for first two rounds, Chicago for regional, St. Louis for Final Four.

• Austin Regional: Kansas (22-4, RPI No. 1). Big win over Oklahoma State last Sunday solidified the Jayhawks as a No. 1 seed. Kansas finishes regular season Sunday at Missouri.

• Albuquerque Regional: Wake Forest (25-4, RPI No. 4). Deacons played their way back to a No. 1 seed with win over Georgia Tech on Wednesday night and some struggles by Boston College. Wake ends regular season Sunday at N.C. State.

• Syracuse Regional: North Carolina (24-3, RPI No. 7). Big showdown with Duke on Sunday in Chapel Hill might determine whether Tar Heels stay a No. 1 seed.

Not only does he have us as a one, he has us in Big 12 Country, and ships Wake Forest out to the desert. Check out the rest of his seeding, by which I mean the number two seeds, here.

This link, which heads over to ESPN's Bracketology, will likely be updated later in the day, although I don't think we'll see any change in seeding since yesterday. Lunardi has KU as a 2, but we could very easily flip-flop with Kentucky and if the RPI has anything to say about it, we will.