CBS' annual player rankings miss Miles again

Not sure what it's going to take for Aaron Miles to get a little respect, but, come April, I'm sure he won't care...and neither will we.

Rank Player School Class PPG/APG Skinny1 Chris Paul Wake Forest So. 14.9/5.8 Dominant at both ends of floor 2 Deron Williams Illinois Jr. 14.0/6.2 Big, strong, unflappable winner 3 Travis Diener Marquette Sr. 18.8/6.0 Best shooter on this list, or any list 4 Chris Thomas Notre Dame Sr. 19.7/4.7 Knee pain's gone, so watch out 5 John Lucas Oklahoma State Sr. 15.1/4.5 Leadership + production = stud 6 John Gilchrist Maryland Jr. 15.4/4.5 Took over 2004 ACC Tournament 7 Aaron Miles Kansas Sr. 9.1/7.3 Hounds ball at one end, cherishes it at other 8 Jarrett Jack Georgia Tech Jr. 12.5/5.6 Took Jackets to NCAA title game 9 Carl Krauser Pittsburgh Jr. 15.4/4.5 Ferocious, fearless NYC kid 10 Raymond Felton North Carolina Jr. 11.5/7.1 Charismatic jet is too unselfish 10a Chris Hernandez Stanford Jr. 10.0/4.5 Couldn't just leave this guy off

Granted, there are some great players on that list, but who, as a pure point guard, in college, is better than Aaron Miles?

Am I being partisan...? Probably. But isn't it strange that GT has 2 point guards on this list?