Phog Blog's 2004 KU Season Prediction

Late night is over, and the sun has risen on a gorgeous day for Jayhawk basketball. Welcome to the Phog Blog, the first weblog devoted exclusively to all things Jayhawk. Here you'll find game predictions, news, lively and (sometimes) intelligent discussion, and perhaps most importantly, one more site to visit while you are pretending to work.

If things pan out, you may also find exclusive interviews and photos, an attempt to organize fan chants, and at the very least a unique perspective on the upcoming 2004 season.

This is the season we've been waiting for, after all, and we've got as good of chance as anyone of cutting down the nets in St. Louis. Just for fun, we're going to predict KU's record this year, right here, for all regular and post-season games. We welcome your predictions as well in the comments section. Here is the schedule to help you out.

Phog Blog says: 33-3 and a National Championship

Is it optimistic? Yes. Is it possible? Certainly.

Anyone care to disagree? Just don't tell these folks. Thunderstick Mob ready to attack Naysayers. If you consider yourself a fine prognosticator, I highly recommend a trip over to the Rock Chalk Challenge, where you can test your abilities against other Jayhawks from around the globe. Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to leave your predictions below. We'll revisit this at the end of the year and there will be special recognition for the winner(s)!