More on the CJ Miles Decision

Channel 6 in Lawrence gave this video report:

Said Miles:

Also, Miles wants to be able to start as a freshman. While that might have happened at Kansas, he figured it was a certainty at Texas, where the Longhorns have a pair of seniors -- Kenny Taylor and Sydmill Harris -- competing for the starting shooting-guard slot.

"They didn't promise anything," Miles said, "but it's a definite possibility."

Is the NBA in his future sooner rather than later?

"It's what people tell me," he said of being an NBA-ready player after a year or two of college.

Best of luck to C.J. and his family, at least until he's playing against KU.

Who will get the final scholarship?

Martynas Pocius, the 6-5 Lithuanian whose last visit is to our friends at Duke?

CJ Henry, baseball standout, legacy player and darkhorse candidate?

My guess is that it's one of them, but I didn't see Julian Wright coming at all (perhaps because he never did visit before he committed).

We should have more of an answer on scholly number 4 some time shortly after the Duke visit.