KU #2 according to ESPN

With Wake as Number One. (I know this is a week old...) They say of the Demon Deacons:

Best-case scenario: We're projecting the national title. This group is young enough, though, that if they get upset, they could come back hungrier for a title in 2006. The problem is that Paul might not stick around since he's a lock for the lottery in the June NBA draft.

And then of #2 KU:

The Jayhawks have every piece to win the national title. We'll say they get stopped one possession short, just like in 2003. Not getting to the Final Four just doesn't seem plausible with this crew.

That's a pretty bold statement if you ask me. Any team can get upset. Too many Jayhawks remember 1997, when Mighty Casey struck out.

Rounding out the top 10:

3. Georgia Tech: "This team is well-schooled and constantly has a chip on its shoulder that it's not respected enough -- in its own league, let alone the nation. Why shouldn't Georgia Tech be in the top three?"

4. UNC: "It's hard to dismiss the overall talent. North Carolina legitimately could start four NBA players if Rashad McCants, Sean May, Raymond Felton and freshman Marvin Williams continue to develop at their current pace."

5. Syracuse: "Jim Boeheim is a master at motivation and managing egos. He has this team believing they can win another title yet again."

6. Arizona: "The starting lineup. The much-maligned Wildcats have one of the most talented starting lineups in the country."

7. Connecticut: "The Huskies have the talent to get to the Final Four and win another title. The odds are against it, but it's not a reach. The more likely scenario is for this squad to fall a game or two short."

8. Oklahoma State: "They've got the experience to make it back to the Final Four."

9. Illinois" "Dee Brown and Deron Williams are two of most productive tandem guards in the country."

10. Maryland: "Remember, this team won the ACC tournament. That alone means the Terps are worthy of our attention in the top 10."