Big 12 Coaches speak

And they think OSU and KU are the best teams in the conference. 2004-05 Big 12 Coaches' Preseason Poll Team (1st place votes) Points

1.  OSU(6) 116 1. Kansas (6) 116 3.  Texas 97 4.  Oklahoma 94 5.  Missouri 80 6.  Iowa State 68 7.  Texas Tech 61 8.  Nebraska 47 9.  Kansas State 42 10.  Colorado 31 11.  Texas A&M 29 12.  Baylor 11

With all due respect to them, I think they're wrong. If they're voting for who will win the conference, they should be voting for KU. KU you see, has the luxury of playing both UT and OSU at Allen Fieldhouse, so they'll likely be favored to win those games. Additionally, OSU lost Tony Allen, the Big 12 player of the year. They did pick up UNC reject J. Curry, and Lucas is likely to be even better, but KU has a much deeper front court and our shooting should be better overall as well.

One KU fan, upon hearing about the coaches' picks, exclaimed, "You have GOT to be kidding!"

I'm inclined to agree with her.