You may have missed

This Bill Mayer article from Saturday's LJW, entitled, Relax! Enjoy this season's hoops squad. Amidst the heavy internet speculation regarding the signing of the 'final' recruit of this year's class, Mayer thinks we should just relax and enjoy this season, given the fact that we already have three really good recruits and more importantly, that we're pretty darn well loaded with talent THIS YEAR. Says Mayer:

One reasonably can compare this year's four-senior crew to the glamorous quadruplets who hubbed the 1951-52 KU team which captured the NCAA title and seven Olympic gold medals. Wayne Simien, Keith Langford, Aaron Miles and Michael Lee eventually could prove they're comparable to Clyde Lovellette, Bill Hougland, Bill Lienhard and Bob Kenney.

Mayer adds:

No wonder Bill Self feels good. He can look around and see how many teams lack able and experienced seniors, and in some cases not even any truly outstanding juniors. Texas and Oklahoma State have some solid senior prospects but such is fairly unique in today's early-out climate.

Mayer's analysis is chock full of comparisons to the '52 squad, and while I was then 25 years from being a twinkle in my parents' eyes, I was nonethelesss pretty excited by the comparisons.