AFH is 2nd toughest place to play

According to NCAA March Madness 2005. A new feature called "Arena Pulse" literally makes it harder for the opposition to win on your home court. IGN has been kind enough to rank the toughest places to play in the game, and KU ranks second behind only Duke. If it were economically sustainable to get the students closer to the court, AFH might be number one, but that's the stuff of speculation for internet operatives such as you and I. Without further ado, here are the rest of the rankings. Also, scroll down to watch a video from the game of Bill Self.

1. Duke 2. Kansas 3. Kentucky 4. Michigan State 5. Gonzaga 6. Oregon 7. North Carolina 8. Florida 9. Minnesota 10. Saint Joseph's 11. New Mexico 12. Texas 13. Oklahoma 14. Maryland 15. Connecticut 16. Xavier 17. Utah 18. Arizona 19. Louisville 20. Oklahoma State 21. Stanford 22. Indiana 23. Cincinnati 24. Syracuse 25. Missouri

In the below video, Coach Bill Self explains some of the new options available to gamers in EA Sports March Madness 2005 game. Talk about great publicity. Bill Self gets it. The video may take a little while to load, but for the great digital shots of AFH, and the opportunity to watch Bill Self control Aaron Miles with an Xbox controller (ah to be able to do this in real life!), it's definitely worth the wait.