"Anything less than having a chance to win it all would be a disappointment"

Or so says Coach Self...kind of. Skip Myslenski weighs in on this year's Jayhawks, comparing and contrasting the various things the team has to worry about.

While last year, we were all wondering about whether Bill Self was a good enough coach for KU, whether, perhaps, our years of bountiful harvest were over, whether we could well, continue to be the Jayhawks, the team was trying to adjust to a new system, complete with a new coach.

This year, the players are more comfortable:

"We're in a better position to lead this year," added Jayhawks senior guard Keith Langford. "Last year we couldn't lead because everything was a new thing. But now we can guide the other guys on what coach is thinking about."

Miles is pretty direct about the team's goals this year:

"Once I committed to come here, and I believe all four of us have that same mind-set, we knew we need to work hard to win the national championship," Miles said. "Anything else, we won't be satisfied."

Even Coach Self is tempted to start singing "One Shining Moment":

"Now I do get concerned sometimes," Self said. "I was visiting with a guy and I said, `One thing that concerns me about this team, the expectations are so high that anything less than having a chance to win it all would be a disappointment.'

"He quickly reminded me that that's no different than the expectations at 15, 20 other schools out there. So why not embrace it?"