Roy ousting another AD?

Is UNC AD Dick Baddour going to be crushed, or will he be allowed to fly like the butimous dove he surely is? Another question, and almost certainly a cheap shot? Does anyone think he would have better success if his eyebrows matched his hair color?

Here's the link. And here's the Phog Blog condensed article via a money quote:

Speculation has been running rampant that Baddour's position is tenuous at best, and multiple independent sources have confirmed that a decision has been made to move the UNC athletics department in another direction

This paragraph didn't get past the editors, but Phog Blog, through no small amount of pre-Halloween necromancy, was able to obtain a pre-release copy:

Witnesses say that former UNC coach Dean Smith emerged from the shadows to have a discussion with Roy Williams. Under a stipulation of Coach Williams' contract with the University, "he has the choice to either crush the standing athletic director with his power of influence or let said standing athletic director fly with visions for a better total program at his discretion." One student, who claimed to be an excellent lipreader, said that she 'read' Smith say "Crush Crush Crush!" Neither Smith nor Williams was available for comment.

It doesn't look good for Baddour.