Missouri's Punishment Released

I'd be happy if I were a Mizzou fan (chuckle):

Missouri will suffer only slightly more stringent penalties than it promised to impose on itself when the NCAA reveals sanctions handed against the MU basketball program later this afternoon. Sources familiar with the NCAA investigation told The Star on Wednesday morning that the school was cleared of the most serious charges involving former Ricky Clemons, including cash payments to the player and academic fraud.

The NCAA findings will include the following penalties, which sources said will be accepted without challenge by Missouri:

• A 12-month freeze on recruiting trips by all members of the staff.

• Loss of one scholarship, from 13 to 12 for next season and loss of two, from 13 to 11, for the following year.

• Loss of three official recruiting visits, a reduction from 12 to nine.

• An additional year on probation, to three years from the recommendation of two by MU.

• Additionally, as is common in such investigations, Missouri will be publicly reprimanded and censored.

Missouri will not be banned from NCAA Tournament participation, nor its television appearances limited.

The school also will not be found guilty of academic fraud, ethical misconduct or the all-important charge of lack of institutional control.

Of all the penalties, the sanction permitting coaches from leaving campus appears to be the most severe as it will put the school at a tremendous disadvantage against other schools.

Missouri officials said they could not comment on Wednesday morning.

The NCAA will hold a media conference to explain the actions this afternoon, likely around