Full Court Hoops

The Big XII conference is once again in the process of trying to screw KU and other conference fans living outside their regions who rely on ESPN Full Court Hoops to see their teams play. To be specific, the Big XII conference is not allowing ESPN to show all KU and ISU games that are on the Jayhawk Network or the Cyclone Network unless ESPN agrees to pick up such games for all conference teams. In other words, they are using two of the top basketball schools in the conference to get special treatment for the perennial celler dwellers. Funny thing is, the conference certainly doesn't do the same thing during football season, when KU and ISU routinely get screwed in TV coverage.

I urge each of you who love watching conference hoops on Full Court to e-mail your Athletic Director, as well as the Big XII Conference at big12sports@big12sports.com. You'll get the same form letter I did that explains the conference position.

Also, you can call ESPN at 860-766-2236 and press zero to speak to a representative. Threats to cancel your Full Court subscription are encouraged. I know I won't be paying $99 for only 5 KU games this year.

Thanks for your attention.