Good news / Scouting Emporia State

First of all, a snippet from today's LJW:

Full Court agreement reached: ESPN and the Big 12 have reached an agreement that will allow non-network telecasts of games to air on pay services like ESPN's Full Court. It's expected all of KU's games, except for the exhibitions, now will be televised this season for out-of-state and area fans. The exhibitions are televised locally on the Jayhawk network.

That's good news for Jayhawks, and a sign, at least for now, that the collective voice of Jayhawk fans can be heard by such bumbling giants as the Big 12, ESPN and DirecTV. Great job expat Jayhawks. Also, you might be interested in Emporia State. Are they any good? Will this be another one of those 108-53 games?

Probably, but it may interest you to know that they outscored Gonzaga 50-47 in the second half of a game the other day. Yes, that's the Gonzaga that's a consensus top 25 team.

They did lose the game 114-68, however, which means they lost the first half by an anstonishing score 67-18. In any case, expect a team that doesn't give up, even if we drub them in the first half.

Emporia State sometimes plays 4 players over 6'8", which makes them a bit unusual for an NCAA Division II school. Still, they should be no match for KU, even if they did shoot 56% from three point land against the Zags and averaged nearly 90 points a game last year.

The Hornets are led by senior sharpshooter Jay Miller and junior playmaker Tyrell Sledge, who scored 12 points while notching 7 assists against Gonzaga. ESU's X-factor may be a freshman named Wes Books, who added 15 points for the Hornets in his very first game.

Still, Gonzaga is not Kansas, and even though ESU quite admirably kept it close in the second half against the Zags, I expect a complete domination by the Jayhawks. We will dominate them down low, and our perimeter defense should put them in a world of hurt. They'll launch three pointers...they're certainly not afraid to do so, but they'll do it under duress, and will be lucky to make 40% against the Hawks. It will be a high-possession game - Emporia State isn't going to sit on the ball - and both teams should have the opportunities to score a lot of points. Still, the Jayhawks will convert much more and will get a lot of points in transition.

Phog Blog prediction: 120-60

Check out ESPN today, as Aaron and Coach Self are front-paging it. Here's proof: