KU stings Hornets, 115-70

Ok, Ok, so this wasn't a real game. The last time ESU was here they were toting video cameras to capture the moment like we in the flyover states do when we gussy up and visit our big city betters. It wasn't a real game, but my oh my wasn't it nice to be watching Kansas basketball again? Wasn't it nice, for those of us who could see it, to see that #1 next to Kansas, and to see the number 115 on the other side?

For me it was. And I suspect for you as well. Given that the contest was never at all close, I got to sit back, relax and soak up the Phog in this first game. A few highlights to me:

14-28: 50% from the three point line isn't too shabby, especially considering the fact that many of those shots were ill-advised.

12 Assists for Aaron Miles. The best pure point guard in America continues his campaign of quiet dominance, dishing out to nearly everyone. I'll be that Mangino wishes he had Miles to play at QB.

Mike Lee was very impressive when he was in, especially in the first few minutes.

Wayne Simien didn't miss a field goal.

Russell Robinson: If you didn't get to watch this game, you should be excited about RR. He's fast and has long arms and quick feet, which combine to make him a darn good perimeter defender. He has good court vision and good instincts, and, in my opinion, is well on his way to being a Sophomore by December.

Jackson and Kaun looked a little out of sorts, like they were having trouble adjusting to the speed of the game. Giles did too, somewhat, although his swats probably made up for it. Kaun had a couple nice turnaround moves and should get better as he gets more used to the game.