A detailed look at Downs, Wright and Chalmers

Want to know more about KU's recruits? Collegehoopsnet has a pretty detailed breakdown. Here are a few highlights:

Of Mario Chalmers:

And when asked who Mario's game most closely resembles, Telep quickly answered John Gilchrist of Maryland. By the way, Gilchrist was the ACC tournament MVP last season for the Terrapins.

In my opinion, this kid has all the tools. He will run the Jayhawks like a well-oiled machine. Chalmers scored over 40 points against worthy competition this summer in Vegas and gave fans a glimpse of the type of scorer he can be. He's on his way to stardom in Lawrence.

Of Micah Downs:

"Micah is one of the most fun players to watch because he does a lot of everything," Self said. "He's tall. He's skilled. He can block shots, can rebound the basketball and has a great feel for the game."

Telep is also quick to point out Micah's defensive effort. "Downs is an accomplished perimeter player who will surprise you on the defensive end."

And, finally, of Julian Wright:

The number two-rated small forward has drawn comparisons to the NBA's Darius Miles, but Telep thinks he's much more.

"He's a better prospect then Darius Miles. He's the definition of a team guy and as competitive of a player as you'll find", stated Telep.

Read the whole thing.