Bracketology time

KU is THE Number 1 seed in this projection. Oddly enough, Washburn was nowhere to be found. It may also please you to know that 3 out of 6 experts agree that KU will win it all, including Doug "Shorts on Backwards (clap clap clap clap clap)" Gottleib.

During halftime of the Wake - GW game, Digger Phelps and Mike Jarvis gave their prognostications. Digger called KU the most overrated team in America and Jarvis had KU in the final four. Digger justified his choice, not by referencing last night's game against Washburn, but but talking about the early part of last year and talking about how good Oklahoma State will be.

UPDATE: It should be known that Digger's 'sleeper' team, Michigan, is losing to Binghamton, 32-28 at halftime.