Thoughts from the Fieldhouse

Well, that was a lot closer than I expected, even though the ‘Bods played Purdue pretty tight as well. They did an excellent job doubling down on Wayne and we did a horrible job getting it back out to an open wing or outletting it to the weak side big. Washburn is a very good team. Better I suspect, than half the teams we play this year. Chipman is an excellent coach and *his* team played like it was the middle of the season, while we seemed out of sorts on both ends of the court. We were especially vulnerable to the ‘dribble and dish' that hurt us against Georgia Tech (did this make anyone else nervous?) and we seemed as if we were functioning on about 2/4 cylinders offensively.

That being said, I'm not feeling terrible about the outcome of the game even though Washburn beat on us like an underestimated Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. They'll make mincemeat out of a lot of their peer institutions this year, and so will we.

Defensively, I think we'll be a lot better once the freshmen (and I refer to Galindo, Giles, Kaun and Jackson as freshmen…in my opinion, Robinson is already a sophomore) find their place in the defensive and offensive rotations.

I'm glad we've got some soft meat to chew in the coming weeks, and I'm glad that we'll be chewing it at home. I still think this team will be very very hard to beat come March, but I'm convinced after tonight that we've still got a long way to go before we get there.