Opening Day at the Paige

"Why cover Missouri?" you ask. Probably, at some level, because I'm a small person. But I figure it's interesting to see what's happening on the other side of the border.

Blair Kerkoff reports from last night's opening night 68-60 victory over a Brown team playing without its best player (Ivy League player of the year Jason Forte). His thoughts on the Paige:

First impression of the Paige: It works. What Missouri lost in intimacy from the Hearnes Center it gains in seating, suites, sight lines and style. It's tempting to slam the fans for not showing up. The announced attendance of 6,981 is less than half of capacity. But the faithful get a pass. The Guardians Classic game was not included in the Tigers' season-ticket book.

Half capacity? Still, given this was their first game, I'm surprised that more people didn't make it out.