CNNSI Scouts Kansas

Whom they pick at #4 in the country, despite the fact that their experts think that KU will win in April. Some decent analysis and certainly worth a trip if you have an insatiable appetite for what the talking heads are saying about KU. Some highlights:

And so it is that Miles, a fourth-year starter, will be attacking his senior season in Lawrence just as he has his previous ones: as though his reputation is on the line every time he handles the ball. That sense of urgency will be shared by three other seniors -- forward Wayne Simien, guard Keith Langford and reserve guard Michael Lee -- who reached the NCAA championship game two years ago (losing to Syracuse by three points) and made it to the Elite Eight last year, overcoming the departure of two lottery picks and adapting to the system of a new coach, Bill Self. "We have a good chance to win it all," says Miles, "but it's going to take a lot of hard work."

I like how Aaron and Russell will play together. I think they'll be a powerful force, particularly if Aaron can get the hitch out of his shot and Russell can work his shot into the offense naturally

Last season Miles played longer than everyone else too, averaging a team-high 33.8 minutes. Now, at least, he has a reliable backup in 6'1" combo guard Russell Robinson from New York City, one of five talented freshmen who give the Jayhawks enviable depth. "Aaron would never admit it, but I think he got worn out last year," says Self. "Russell will be a guy who can take 10 minutes from him a game."

Miles, of course, is more eager to play with the quick and defensively savvy Robinson than to be spelled by him. "He can change the game, especially when we're on the floor at the same time," says Miles. "He'll allow us to pressure more and get out and run more."

Defensively, these guys will be a real pain to opposing guards. Both are in many ways shut down defenders. Aaron recognizes he needs his shot to fall a little, at least to keep people honest.

Miles says he also will look to sharpen his shooting -- in 2003-04 he hit just 40.2% of his field goal attempts -- but dishing will remain his signature contribution. His 7.3 assists per game is the top returning average in Division I, and he is only 66 assists short of Jacque Vaughn's school record of 804. "Someday I might appreciate that record, but right now it's not important," says Miles. "The record I want to get is 36-0."

And wouldn't we all be happy with those numbers.