Bring on Vermont: A good day for Jayhawk news...

After seven and one half months of waiting, the 2004-2005 season is now finally upon us. Like a bear just out of hibernation, we Jayhawks are hungry and ready for some solid food. That food will tonight come as a Catamount, which, in case you didn't know, is a short tailed wildcat with ususally tufted ears, mostly know for its fur. It is a tad gamey (as all cat is), but I suppose we can choke it down.

The LJW wonders this morning if the Hawks are ready:

This game is finally here," KU senior guard Keith Langford said.

"Everybody's been saying a lot about us. What we've been doing in the offseason and working on comes to a head now."

All the positive things written about the No. 1 Jayhawks in preseason magazines and poll stories now classify as old news. It's time to put up or shut up on the court, which is fine with the players. "You definitely get that feeling. It's here," KU senior point guard Aaron Miles said of the regular season. "I've only got, what, 16 games left in the fieldhouse? You start feeling it."

"But what does Vermont think?" you ask coyly...well the LJW provides us an answer - Coach Brennan is so scared he's using strange grammar:

"I'm scared to death, very disappointed they didn't whack Washburn around more," Brennan said. "They didn't do us any favors. The good thing is we've got seniors. We won't get shook. We could get whacked -- I've seen teams go in Allen Fieldhouse and get whacked on TV -- but we won't be shook.

"It could be a mess, but I hope we come to compete."

There you have it. "We could get whacked, but we won't be shook."

I imagine this as a rap to the old Fugees tune, "You might win some, but you just lost, one."

Personally, I'd rather be "shook" than "whacked", but that is just me.