What will happen to the Paige?

Various sources are reporting that 20/20 will do a story tonight with a young lady who claims to have been paid $20,000 by Paige Laurie to do the retail heiress's homework for 3 years. Paige Laurie, is, of course, the girl after whom Missouri's new Paige Sports Arena was named. It was embarrassing enough that she was a girl who went to USC, and now much worse that she appears to be a high paying cheater.

It couldn't get more fun for Jayhawk fans (such as myself), who are inclined to gloat, such as I am.

Reports are now surfacing that per the stipulation that this event occurred, the new arena would be converted into a dual-use facility. Phog Blog has obtained an exclusive artist's rendering of the new facility, which we will provide for you here