More on the Paige Laurie fiasco

One reader caught the show on Friday night:

quickly switched over tonight to watch the 20/20 broadcast on ABC following KU's win, and I would say that at least on the surface, things don't look particularly good for Miss Wal Mart. The story's focus is on Paige's roommate her freshman year. According to the roomie, Paige paid her $50 to do a paper their freshman year, and then continued to pay her to do her work even after the roommate left USC because she couldn't afford the $30K annual tuition. It doesn't appear this is simply a "she said, she said" situation either. The roomie has photocopies of checks, most of the papers or assignments she completed for Paige, and even has emails from Paige thanking her, and even soliciting her to do some work for a friend. According to the roommate Paige paid her more than $20K to do her school work. No comment, of course, from the Wal Mart camp.

Perhaps there is an upside for Mizzou. There was so much criticism over naming an arena after someone who didn't attend the University of Missouri...well now that it's clear Paige didn't legitimately graduate from USC she could save everyone some face by enrolling at Mizzou and getting that degree for real!

What will Missouri do? I would have to think that there is pressure from non-Laurie boosters to rename the arena. I would be very tempted to do so. Then again, I wouldn't have wanted to name my arena after a girl who went to the University of Spoiled Children (apologies to all non-spoiled USC alum).

I heard a Mizzou fan on the radio this morning who said 'It's never been any lower than this.' His beloved Tigers were humiliated at home by a debilitated Kansas Jayhawk football team, only adding to the misery just east of me. What a great weekend!