This is why I pick KU every year

A bit abstract, I suppose, but in an infinite universe, everything is infinitely possible. Take this news snippet:

HAZELTON -- In a bizarre series of events, an overheated bearing on a truck ended up burning down a Hazelton home Sunday.

West End Fire District Chief Randy Sutton said a semi truck traveling west on Interstate 84 lost its right front wheel when the bearing failed and it overheated.

The wheel rolled across the frontage road, hit the curb in front of the house, burst through a wall next to the front door and bounced down the stairs before coming to rest in the basement and igniting the fire, Sutton said.

I suppose my hopeless optimism for KU basketball is of little consolation to folks who lost their home due to a hot semi-truck tire and an amazingly weak wall, but it's something, especially if we win this year.

UPDATE: This story may not be true. Why?

Because 'Hazleton', the place where this story supposedly happened, has no state listed, and was also the place where the made up Kenny Rogers book signing riot occured last week. So sad that I used it as a metaphor only to have it turn out untrue. Just like in real life for the last 16 years.