No place like home?

There has been a lot of hand-wringing in Jayhawk circles about the general homeyness of our schedule, at least until January 9. I share those concerns, but I also see the positives of our situation, since we can bring our freshmen along nicely in a more comfortable environment. The first game at Rupp Arena is a hop into icy water stark naked, but otherwise, I'm not particularly worried about it, even if road-intensive schedules may tend to be rewarding in March. Bill Self is a March coach, so I think he'll help us take up any slack.

But it may not get any better anytime soon, or at least until we get some more revenue from 'other' sports. Said Self yesterday at a booster luncheon in Topeka:

The inordinate number of home games KU plays before finally hitting the road Jan. 9 with a trip to Kentucky."From a business standpoint, we need to play more home games and schedule big road games," Self said, noting that KU nets roughly $300,000 from each home game it schedules. Playing at home may also create more playing time for KU's developing frosh."Would you play young kids on the road right now? Maybe not," he said. "So it may work out to be the best schedule for us."