More bad news for Missouri

They must have gotten a good deal on bad news at Mizzou, because they have a TON of it. Here's a bit more misery from our Hepatitis-C ridden neighbors to the East:

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Two students at the University of Missouri-Columbia have been charged with animal abuse for stuffing about 40 opossums - living and dead - into a plastic barrel for a frat house stunt.

Evidently, basketball points have become too scarce, and so a game had to be devised in which Mizzou could excel:

In the bizarre contest, members were given one point for each dead opossum they could find and two points for a live one, authorities said.

I would love to hear their defense:

Fraternity members Zachary Wade Famuliner and Adam Paul Thomas were charged with animal abuse and illegally pursuing, taking, killing, possessing or disposing of wildlife - misdemeanors. The students, both 19, pleaded innocent.

I'm not even sure this qualifies as mediocrity. If things get much worse, I may have to create a new category called 'Embracing inimitable squalor with most of the state of Missouri'. I'll hold off just yet.