Shooting Stars

We're only 6 games into this season, and we're shooting very well, as Bedore notes today:

The Jayhawks, who hit 46.5 percent of their shots a year ago, have made 193 of 372 attempts in the early going for 51.9 percent.

Last year, six games in, we were shooting only 46.8%, just a shade above what we shot for the year. I'd be happy if we could keep that up. Here's our shooting stats for the first six games of last season:

KU is shooting a lot better this year

Self dismisses our early success, with predictable coachspeak:

"Those are good numbers. We'll win a lot of games if we keep that up," KU coach Bill Self said Monday during his Hawk Talk radio show.

"We're shooting 52 percent, but we've made a lot of layups, too. You shoot better when you get those. We've not shot a lot of threes."

But you don't have to shoot a lot of threes if you shoot good shots, and particularly if you make them. Last year, we were shooting only 28.5% from deep. We had made 35 threes on 123 shots. This year, we've attempted 20 less threes over 6 games (about 3.7 less attempts per game), but we've made 6 more. We're shooting 40% from three point land this year, which is more than enough to make zoning us a dangerous prospect.

Clearly the season is young, but I think there's strong statistical evidence that this team is a better shooting team than it was last year. Last year's team got better at shooting, at least at three point shooting, as the year went on.

We should be so lucky.