There's life after basketball for some walk-ons...

Scott NovoselDo you remember Scott Novosel, the former Kansas walk-on who scored three points against East Tennesee State back in 1994? I was at that game, and I don't remember those points. I don't even remember Novosel. He only scored 1 more point that entire season, so I don't think it's too surprising if you haven't heard of him. He is however, making a name for himself as, of all things, a Japanese rapper. His rap group's name is Nice Guy Jin and you can see their video below. Note the flagrant use of Jayhawk regalia - why not?

And before you go thinking his fame hadn't brought him anything, observe this commercial, wherein Nice Guy Jin, a Japanese lady and some magical flowers make you want to buy the Suzuki Solio, it may take a minute for the video to load and buffer, so hold your horses: