Jayhawks get a B from Self

All apologies for the long absence - this will be a particularly busy month for me, as I am getting married in less than 30 days. Phog Blog will continue however, as I am able, but I would certainly enlist the assistance of surrogates. If this sounds like fun to you, let me know. Bill Self gives KU a "B" for the season so far, and I think he's about right, although I would probably say C- for freethrow shooting.

While those numbers may be "A" quality, others like free-throw shooting and rebounding may be closer to "C" status. The Jayhawks have made 62.8 percent of their free throws and are outrebounding foes 42.4 per game to 35.9.

"Rebounding has been a struggle the whole time," Self said. "We've been plus-8 in rebounding. We should be plus-12. I think we should be better. If we were able to steal four more possessions a game, you score on half those possessions, that's four more points, then you are looking at an ‘A' first half grade as opposed to a ‘B'.

Regarding some of this Micah Downs confusion that went down over the holidays, I'm inclined to think that Steve Downs spoke with something less than the wisdom of Solomon, then spent a week trying to dig himself out of a hole.

There was a nice article about Julian Wright in the Star the other day, here it is if you were tripping on tryptophan and slept most of the last few days away.