Two offenses?

For the Georgia Tech game, Bill Self tossed out the High-Low which he's been working on for the last 18 months and quickly instituted a "penetrate and pitch" offense that he believes better fits his current personnel. I like this for two reasons. First, it shows that he's willing to 'adjust' to circumstances, and second, well, that's a little bit more complicated. It seems to me that having another offensive set will make us much more dangerous come March. It allows us to tailor our approach to our opponent, and it forces our opponents to 'guess'. Coach Hewitt said before the game that a lack of Simien actually made it more difficult to prepare for KU because they couldn't just mob Wayne - they didn't know what to expect.

With a penetrate and pitch offense in the bag, we will be a more difficult team to prepare for - gone will be the triple team Wayne and make everyone else beat you. A combination of any 4 of Galindo, Giddens, Robinson, Miles, Langford and possibly Lee in a small set, will beat your 2-3 remaining players (those not doubling/tripling Wayne) 9 times out of 10.

We are a better shooting team this year, irrespective of yesterday's final numbers - we made the shots when they counted, and we shot very well from the three point line, especially in the second half.

Here's the way I see it breaking down:

I think we'll still favor the high - low as long as Wayne is in with one of the three amigos. I also think we'll see a good mix of the small lineup with Galindo / Moody at the four if we're having problems offensively, or just to confuse the defenses we face.

Win or lose, I thought Saturday's 'comeback' would be good for us come March. It's hard not to get too excited about this team knowing how much room they have to grow and how tough we'll be without Wayne in three weeks.