Required Jayhawk Reading

Start with Pat Forde's piece from ESPN. Excellent to start and great to finish. Here's something you'll love:

"You'd be foolish to bet against a team with these survival instincts now -- and even more foolish down the road, when Kansas returns to full strength."

Then, you need to read this article from, regarding Bill and Roy.

A year and a half into his new job, with some big shoes to fill, 42-year-old Bill Self is doing just fine, thank you, by being Bill Self.

"Everybody loves Coach Self," says Billy Gillespie, former Self assistant, now the head coach at Texas A&M. "The players love him. The fans love him. You guys in the media love him. Everybody loves Bill."

After Williams left, the good 'Hawks in Kansas weren't exactly in the mood for love. They'd been hurt, jilted. Three years before, when North Carolina came calling, Roy Williams had said no to his alma mater. When the Heels approached Williams in '03, the Kansans assumed the answer would hold. It didn't.

Read the whole dadgum thing.