5 articles in the Star this morning...

"I sensed it the whole game," Self said. "I kept looking in everyone's eyes - even when things weren't going well - and I could tell they were thinking: ‘Hey, we're Kansas. We don't lose to anyone.' "

Five articles in the Star and they are linked at the beginning of this statement, to open in a new window no less, so that you can read unabated.

24, the best show on television, started last night as well. What a day yesterday was!

I give Langford a 50% chance of playing on Wednesday. I give Moody a 60% chance of playing on Wednesday. Finally, I give Wayne a 30% chance of playing on Wednesday. That means roughly a 9% chance that all three will be playing. In reality, I think there are some conditionals at play here, so it's hard to predict with any accuracy.

That didn't stop me from a darn close prediction on yesterday's game, however, so we'll see what happens.

The Phog is travelling these days, KU takes the Allen mystique with them on the road. Oh baby.