Feeling Moody?

The word play never stops here at the Phog Blog, as you can surely tell by our ever-witty headlines. In this case, I trust you'll forgive me, because you'll be smiling from ear to ear after reading an MSNBC feature story on Christian Moody, "the best walkon in the history of college basketball." To your right, you'll see Mr. Moody celebrating after a rather sweet dunk that was aided by an equally sweet pass from fellow Hawk, Mike Lee. And while the real Moody Maniacs have been warming up the bus for three years now, people around the country are starting to see said bus as a nice place to sit. One such person is Mike Miller, college basketball editor at MSNBC, who takes some time today to spread the love about the no-foolin, med-schoolin, hair-growin phenomenon that is Christian Moody.

Says Miller:

Packer liked Moody for all the reasons I do - hard not to like the guys who do the dirty work and hustle - and his case was given more credence by Moody's performance against the Wildcats, with 11 points and seven boards in the 65-59 victory (a game I did not think Kansas would win without Simien, but it's clear this team is tougher than anyone thought).

Still, as much as I love Packer's statement, it begs the question: can Christian Moody really be the best walk-on ever?

It's a good read, so set aside a few minutes for it.