Chi-town is fat...around the Bulls, whatever that means

Kirk Hinrich is suddenly receiving a lot of attention now that the Bulls aren't dusting the NBA's dirty (yet still very expensive) cellar. Indeed, everyone's talking about the Bulls these days and it's darn hard to talk about the Bulls without talking out a cagey, unassuming, tough as nails Jayhawk named Kirk Hinrich. Today, people are talking about the All-Star Game for young Kirk:

So, why couldn't the Bulls have their first All-Star since 1998 in Kirk Hinrich? [snip] Everyone's fat around the Bulls these days. Especially Hinrich, who leads the Bulls in scoring, assists, steals, three-pointers made and minutes played. He is shooting 83 percent on free throws, playing both guard positions and usually defending the opponents' tougher or bigger guard since the beginning of December. So why not, finally, a Bulls' All-Star?

What follows this quote is a rather tedious dissection of the All Star potentials besides Kirk, which calls out Paul Pierce as a "pouting, selfish shooter". In other words, it's not worth reading unless you want to hear yet another writer do all but scream at the ignorant All-Star voting public which seems to be hell-bent on making Vince Carter the guy to be voted to an All-Star team no matter what he does.

Read it if you like, but most of the red meat is above.