David Spade says, "Oklahoma, No-K"

Now we know. OU can't take its act on the road. No SOONER had ISU been removed from the at-risk category for visiting contenders due to an 0-5 conference record and a home loss to bottom-feeder Colorado, than OU goes from world-beater at home to bag of fertilizer in the Iowa corn fields. They drop, accordingly, from a solid second place in the REAL standings to a tie for third with Texas--and, in the process, slip below arch-rival Okie St. Otherwise, nothing significant occurred over the weekend: KU won as projected over UT and Mizzou; and Okie St, as projected, took care of business in Boulder. With OSU and OU both at home against non-contenders, and UT off licking their wounds until Saturday, don't look for anything else of importance to happen before the weekend. Still, because they play the games on the court, rather than on the internet. . .

The REAL Standings one day before Punxsatawnee Phil makes his or her yearly appearance are:

1. 13-3

KU: Projected losses: at OU At risk games Games: at NU, Mizzou, Tech, k-state Key past games: (W at ISU)

2. 12-4

OSU: Projected losses at KU, OU At risk games: at NU, A&M Key past games (W at Tech, L at Texas)

3. 11.5-4.5

OU: Projected losses: at OSU, UT At risk games: at MU, Tech, k-state Key past games (W at A&M, L at ISU)

Texas: Projected losses: at KU, OSU At risk games: at Tech Key past games (L at A&M, L at OU, W at NU)

This week's early games, rated on a 5 star scale (all times CST):


* Baylor at ISU (7:00p.m.): There is nothing to recommend this game. Catch up on your reading. Go see one of the Oscar nominees.


***1/2 k-state at OSU (6:00p.m): Unlikely that k-state will win this game. However, OSU is down a notch from last year. Mizzou hung with them well into the second half. If k-state does the same, they an earn some respect even if not a W.

**1/2 A&M at OU (7:00p.m.): If A&M can ever beat a legitimate team on the road, they will take another step toward respectability themselves. With OU smarting from its visit to ISU, this is no time to be visiting Norman. Still, A&M has shown just enough, and OU is just inexperienced enough, that you don't want to miss it if A&M does pull off the Upset of the Year in the Big 12.

**Colorado at Tech (7:30p.m.): Shouldn't be much of a game. Any game with the General and Patton on the sidelines, though, is worth checking in on until it gets out of hand.