Getting ready for K-State Nebraska

Rising star Kellis Robinett, who recently nibbled nachos and swizzled suds with the boys from game day, today contemplates whether or not we as Jayhawks will overlook the Huskers. His guess, as is mine, that we needn't worry about that:

It's safe to assume no one will make that mistake again. As it turned out, Nebraska came within two points of upsetting the Jayhawks. "I think we'll be excited to play the game," Kansas coach Bill Self said. "We know they can play with us. We have to play very well to win at Lincoln."

As Robinett points out, there's also the revenge factor...making up for that 19 point embarassement that may have been the low point of last year.

The difficulty Kansas had with Nebraska this season was only the tip of the iceberg. The Cornhuskers crushed Kansas by 19 in Lincoln, Neb., last season. If Kansas wants to stay in command of the Big 12 Conference race, a victory tomorrow is crucial.

"I'm only worried about the Nebraska game on Saturday," senior guard Keith Langford said. "Everyone is a threat to take the Big 12 title so we just have to take it one game at a time."

It's great to hear Keith of all people say that. He seems to be playing with his head in the clouds for long stretches during games and we can't afford that during the tournament. Presumably, he'll be on in March, as he always seems to be, but 'twould be a pity if he was unable to break his bad habits as his last season finishes.

All this being said, I can't see us losing to Nebraska. They are going to get us on an angry night, err, angry Saturday morning, and I doubt very much if we'll come out unprepared.

Official Phog Blog prediction: KU 83, NU 67

I would also like to take this time to echo Bill Self's statements regarding profanity at games. I'm not overly concerned about the 'We're gonna beat the hell out of you!" chant (although the use of a convicted pedophile's song is hardly in good taste, even if everybody does it), but the F bomb has no place in Allen Fieldhouse at any time and the Bull Shit chant is both crude and unimaginitive.

I suggest a 'We Beg to Differ / Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap /" chant as a replacement. If the good-minded most of you would be so inclined as to start this at our next home game, I guarantee you you would engender smiles from the referees, school officials, and perhaps even your moms.

Just a thought - do with it what you will.