REAL Standings: Hi, Tech!

In Austin, they claim that Texas doesn't fall into the Gulf of Mexico because Oklahoma Sucks. And suck OU did Saturday night, suffering its second inexcusable (for a purported contender) loss in a week, going down hard to Texas Tech in Norman.

For its part, Tech climbed into the Big 12 championship picture. If they had only reversed the order of their games with OSU, they would, at this very moment, be in the same shape as KU in the REAL Standings, with the advantage of having the tie-breaker game vs. KU (for post-season tourney purposes) in Lubbock. As it is, the Red Raiders' victory more or less made up for their loss at home to Okie St, but they still have to visit Stillwater--and they still have to win there to catch the Hawks, barring some unforeseen help from the Big Blue.

But stranger things have happened: as in Saturday in Austin, where ISU pulled off perhaps the most stunning victory in the nine year history of the Big 12. A team that was winless on the road this season and that had come up empty 28 consecutive times in Big 12 road games handed UT its first home loss of the season, and its first since OSU's Final Four team took them out in Austin last year.

So which, to quote Homer Simpson, is truly the "suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked"? Oklahoma or Texas?

And the answer is: k-state, losing at home to Colorado in a must win game if they were to have any shot at an NCAA berth.

Actually, that's not the answer. The answer is: Mizzou. This is not subject to debate. Losing by 28 to A&M? Yes, A&M is improved, and, yes, the game was in College Station. But to not even compete? This is Terry Allen territory. Quin needs to be fired and it needs to happen now. Unless you are a future Mizzou opponent. Then he needs to be given 100% assurance of remaining MU's coach as long as he can draw breath.

Oh, and lost in the shuffle: KU came away from NU with a nice 13 point victory in an at-risk game.

Note: The fact that OU and UT are still included in the REAL standings is not intended to suggest that either has a chance in hell of being Big 12 champion.

The REAL Big 12 Standings as of 2/6/05:

1. 13-3

KU: Projected losses: at OU, Tech At risk games Games: at Mizzou, k-state Key past games: (W at ISU, W at NU))

2. 12-4

OSU: Projected loss at KU At risk games: at NU, A&M Key past games (W at Tech, L at UT, L at OU)

Texas Tech: Projected loss at OSU At risk games: at ISU, A&M Key past games: (L vs. OSU, L at UT, W at k-state, W at MU)

4. 10-6

OU: Projected losses: at OSU, UT, Tech At risk games: at MU, k-state Key past games (W at A&M, L at ISU, L vs. Tech)

Texas: Projected losses: at OSU, Tech At risk games: N/A Key past games (L at A&M, L at OU, L at KU, L vs. ISU, W at NU)

This week's early games, rated on a 5 star scale (all times CST):


****1/2 OU at OSU (8p.m.): OU's loss Saturday night takes away half a star from this contest. OU is no longer a factor in the Big 12 race: Unless they win this game. At any rate, they can virtually knock OSU out of the title hunt if they follow up their earlier win over the Cowboys with a sweep of the series.


***Texas at Colorado (7p.m.): Suddenly, Texas looks extremely young and vulnerable, and CU is talking NCAA. Yes, it's just talk--and probably far-fetched--but it can't be denied that the Buffs have been playing respectable basketball. If UT doesn't pull this one out, it could be a long rest of the season.

**ISU at NU (7:05p.m.): What can the Ames boys do for an encore in Lincoln? Does anyone care?


****1/2 KU at k-state (8p.m.): Depending on their date of birth, many KU seniors were not alive the last time k-state downed KU in Manhattan. Apparently, k-state was looking ahead to this game Saturday when their NCAA hopes went up in flames against Colorado. That, however, means they can focus on one and only one thing in this game: matching KU's football team's loathsome-streak-ending victory in October. k-state will come to play 40 full minutes. The Hawks better be prepared to do the same or the REAL standings will be cast into chaos.

*Baylor at Tech (8p.m.): A day off for Tech.

Until Thursday.