Jerry Palm's first bracket projection

Is now out. I will attempt to reproduce it for you here. If that fails, you'll have to click this link and travel to his site to see it. Because his site uses a lot of tables, you'll have to go over there if you want to see it bracket style. Here it is plain text style. KU foes are emboldened. Palm's bracket is based on his RPI formula.

The Syracuse Bracket

1 *Boston College 16 *Monmouth

8 Georgia Tech 9 Stanford

4 Wisconsin 13 *Holy Cross

5 Cincinnati 12 LSU

2 *Kentucky 15 *Rider

7 Maryland 10 DePaul

3 Arizona 14 *Nevada

6 Texas 11 San Francisco

All I can say about that bracket, or for that matter any bracket is, "woe to the team who has to play a low-seeded GT team once they get Elder back!" They could definitely take out a #1 in the second round if they are indeed seeded 8 or 9, especially if that one seed happens to be Boston College. In Palm's bracket, the winner of the Syracuse bracket plays the Austin bracket (is this going to be the case no matter what?).

The Austin Bracket

1 *Kansas 16 *Portland St/*Miss Valley St

8 *Wichita St 9 Minnesota

4 Alabama 13 *UL Lafayette

5 Connecticut 12 Marquette

2 North Carolina 15 *Gardner-Webb

7 Iowa 10 Old Dominion

3 Syracuse 14 *Pennsylvania

6 *Vermont 11 Texas Tech

I would be pretty upset if I saw this bracket in March. Syracuse and North Carolina? We shouldn't meet UNC before the final four. Wichita St. in the second round? There's nothing good about this bracket. Tech as an 11 seed? Yikes.

On the other side of things, we have the Chicago and the Albuquerque brackets. That's right, the Albuquerque. Let's look at the Chicago bracket first.

The Chicago Bracket

1 *Illinois 16 *Tennessee Tech

8 Southern Illinois 9 UCLA

4 *Louisville 13 *Temple

5 Villanova 12 Miami-Ohio

2 Wake Forest 15 *SE Louisiana

7 Pittsburgh 10 Arizona St

3 Oklahoma 14 *Davidson

6 *Pacific 11 St. Mary's

This bracket just doesn't look that bad to me. OU seems a little high, but their RPI has kept them at a number 3. I'm guessing the very best they get is a number 4 seed. Still, a Pacific-OU match would be worth watching. And finally, the one you've been waiting for...

The Albuquerque bracket

1 *Duke 16 *Coppin St

8 Georgetown 9 Charlotte

4 Gonzaga 13 *Wis-Milwaukee

5 Michigan St 12 Oregon

2 *Washington 15 *UMKC

7 Mississippi St 10 UTEP

3 Oklahoma St 14 *Winthrop

6 *Utah 11 Notre Dame

Duke's RPI may have them as a 1 right now, but after the next few weeks, I will be surprised if they are a 3.

Overall, the inclusion of BC and Duke in UNC's and Wakes respective places is more indicitive of heavy RPI weighting than what I think will happen. I suppose things still have some room to play out, but I do not want to see UNC as a 2 in our bracket. Let the pressure mount, let the stage get bigger, let the cameras get brighter, let the Misssissippi beg for RW's spittle, and let me be there to watch the insanity.