Aaron Miles cares about winning

When Aaron has an amazing game, he only cares about the W. That's why, when he has a crappy game, I'll let him say things like this:

"Obviously, you see the stat line. I had eight turnovers. The key thing is I had eight turnovers, and we still won. That's all that matters," Miles, Kansas University's senior point guard, said without a trace of disappointment after dishing six assists in the Jayhawks' 74-65 victory over Kansas State. "We're 9-0 in the conference now."

Miles gave us some of the strangest moments of his career last night, dropping the ball all over the place. It was ugly. But it was a win.

JR played an excellent game - he must have tipped 5-6 entry passes with his long, fast arms. We're looking better and better.

Congrats to Duke for not completely peeing away the game in the final moments, regrets to UNC for doing just that.

Oh and Mizzou lost to UNLV. Quinn has job security - I wonder what he could do and not get fired?