OT Baby!

Let's win this now! Take it down low

glad they caught that lane violation

incoherency caused by in game posting

each new line is an update

we're down by three with a minute to go AGAIN.

Good grief how many open shots can we miss!

Come on guys! DEFENSE!

Moody got fouled.

Dora gonna miss.

Did I mention that Moody got fouled on that strong put back?

I guess that's a no call in the final seconds, but, well, this is a good game, let's not worry about that at present, miss Dora miss!

I like a Miles or a Lee three to win the game!

No more OT, my heart can't take it!

Ok, so my heart's gotta take it!

At first I thought that might be a goal tend, but it looks to me like it was an own goal, plus the ball was pretty close to out of the cylinder - inconclusive at best. I'm glad the game won't be decided on a missed call.

Now get out there and fight!