A real black eye.

Sure there was contact on the penultimate three attempt. Sure we had several botched possessions and relatively poor shot selection in the final minutes of the second overtime. Aaron could have called a timeout there, but why do that if you can ice the game at the line? It's unbelieveable that when Aaron grabbed the rebound and was intentionally hacked by three Texas Tech players, no foul was called. They were TRYING TO FOUL HIM! It's textbook basketball. They weren't trying to make him walk or get a jump ball, they were hacking and clawing with all they had to stop the clock.

As a matter of fact, Aaron received a black eye on that play. I have two good friends at the game who spoke with Case, Robinson and Miles after the game, and Aaron got a shiner on that play. No call.

Aaron came out of the building towards the team bus in a hoodie with ice on his eye. His fellow players say he got it on that play.

We should have won the game, but a black eye on an intentional foul (note I'm talking little 'i' intentional) that goes uncalled.

The officials didn't cost us the game, but that's pretty lousy in my book.

Have a good night folks.