Comment Spammers endorse Edwards for President!

One of the irritating things about running a blog these days is managing the 'comment spam' that one gets. What is comment spam you ask? Well basically, the more links a site has coming into it, the more favorably the search engines tend to view it, with the logic that anything that X number of people link to, must be Y important. Spammers have gotten into the mess by creating bots which go out and 'comment' on sites because their comments contain backward links to websites, thus making those sites more 'visible' to the search engines.

Some company called Nutzu has called for an all out assault on the Phog Blog. Luckily, I have many measures in place to delete these comment spams before you ever see them, but sometimes they slip through. Evidently our IT department is slightly better than former Vice-Presidential (and Presidential) candidate John Edwards' (or at least his unofficial supporters', and at least in regard to Nutzu).

With endorsements like these, I'm amazed Edwards lost anything!