More than we could ask for.

After looking today at the traffic stats for the Phog Blog, I realized that we have achieved a sort of coup here regarding the sad state of Missouri Athletics. It may not last forever, indeed it cannot last forever, but I will rejoice in this moment of schadenfraude while I have it. Because as of today, Phog Blog is the number one listing for the search query 'quinn snyder' in Yahoo, MSN and Google.

There are at least 287,000 other possible sites for this query, and yet none of them bears enough importance to merit higher position than 18 seconds of one of the worst renditions of "Eye of the Tiger" ever. Will it last? Not possibly. Is it amusing that no act in Quinn's life thus far is so delectable to Google than his brief forays into the sonorous arts? Heck yeah it is.

UPDATE: It has been pointed out to us by several Hawk-eyed readers that Mr. Snyder spells his name 'Quin' rather than 'Quinn'. I'll not pretend like I'm not embarassed by this, as I am, but what the hey, we all make mistakes. Judging by search statistics, 30%-40% of us misspell Q's name on a regular basis. Go figure.

Now back to regular scheduled programming.