Some things to look forward to...

You know, as upset as I am right now about well, three straight losses and generally poor play, after coming to terms with the fact that wewouldn't be getting a number one seed, I think there's a lot to look forward to.

First of all, we were tough in the second half. We played great defense and shut a revved up and excited Oklahoma team down. There were two plays that struck me as important in the second half - 1. Keith's layup and one that was called a charge and 2. Keith's missed FTs combined with OU's made free throws. There were 8 points in those two plays that could have gone either way and they just didn't go our way.

First of all, I know this is the rant period, but I just don't feel like ranting. This is the low point of the season. I'll go ahead and add a loss to OSU to that list, but I don't think we'll get a lot lower with that. It is important though, for the sake of the conference win, so I hope we win...but if we don't, here's a list of things to look forward to for the rest of this season.

I think we are weaker than we expect to be without Moody. He just seems to make good plays and has continually gotten better. He's a good passer and I think that's his greatest asset honestly. When we get Moody back, hopefully this week, we'll be a lot better team.

It's good to see Galindo play. If he is truly over his groin injury he'll be of great assistance come tourney time.

Keith will not miss this many free throws moving forward...hopefully. My guess is that his elbow is giving him particular problems on a 'repetitive' motion shot like the FT and he's just not 'feeling' them like he should be. Anyone who has played ball can tell you how much a player relies on muscle memory to succeed at free throws. If his elbow's gimpy, it's no surprise that he's shot so poorly. Perhaps one of our resident statisticians can tell us the probability that a 63% shooter would slump as he has (3/14 in the last couple games?).

It's still Kansas Basketball. I know it's disappointing, but heck, the season's not over yet and I, for one, am not giving up on a happy April.

So now we're looking at a 3 maybe a 4 seed. I'm fine with that. I'm perfectly happy to play Illinois as a 4, as we've done before. I think we can beat them. We're going to practice against a zone and we're going to get better against it. JR will shoot better, Galindo is an emerging threat and the addition of Moody should 'soften' the zone by virtue of his better passing.

Captian, please get me a window room on the Good Ship Polyanna - these are tough seas but I suspect they'll get more peaceful soon. And if they don't?

I'll go down with the ship.

Who's with me?