Bits and Pieces

Bill Self announced to the media that the KU players weren't going to be speaking to the media through Sunday at the players' request. Perhaps this will allow them to focus a bit more on the task at hand. Self evidently suggested that he supported their decision. A sign of trouble or of solidarity - who knows? The McDonalds All Star Game lineups for 2005 will be announced soon. I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything. We are hearing that all three Jayhawk recruits will be playing. The initial lists I've seen have them on all the same team even, which would be pretty cool to watch.

Both OSU and ISU lost last night. I would have liked to see the former and not the latter, but at least we can still win the Big 12 outright. If 'Nova beats BC tonight, as they are favored to do, a 1 seed, as improbable as it might sound, would not be out of reach for the Jayhawks.

Check back in an hour and you should see the Micky D's game rosters.