A very big win for KU over OSU

Wayne Simien pulls an Andy Dufresne as KU escapes with a win!

Well, I was very pleased with our effort. It is a big shame that OSU had to lose that game because they played great.

Our defense was solid - even though OSU shot well, they did it almost entirely on jump shots. I couldn't believe how many jumpers they hit.

What a game for the man, Wayne Simien. Not only did he score 32 points and grab a dozen rebounds, but he also took the time to etch his name on the Big 12 Player of the Year award. I also think that given the audience and the attention paid to this game, that he may have garnered himself a few National POY votes. A big time performance for a big time game.

As long as we can hold serve against KSU, we win the conference, regardless of Mizzou.

Let's get JR back on track and we'll be looking good for March. Congrats KU on a great win. Congrats OSU on great effort.

Can't get enough of that Wayne Simien. Here's another angle:

Wade in the water children!