Bracket Prediction Day

We should see a couple new bracket predictions today, one from Jerry Palm and one from Joe Lunardi. I'm guessing that Palm will keep KU as a 1 seed based on our number one RPI, but I think Lunardi will have us as a two behind (at least) BC, UK, UNC and Illinois. I'll try to update later. Email me if you see some other projections I miss today. By the way, you can find odds on BC, UK, UNC, or almost any team when you click here UPDATE: CBS Sportsline's new projection is up, and KU is a one seed. I believe this came out yesterday evening.

UPDATE2: CNNSI also has us as a number one.

UPDATE: New Bracketology is out. We are a 2 with BC as the one, Washington as the 3 and Alabama as the 4. I'll take that.