Quin Snyder Resigning?

File this in the unsubstantiated rumor bin at the moment, but word is coming out of St. Louis via Kevin Slaten's radio show that Quin Snyder will be resigning at the end of this year to take a position with the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets are owned by E. Stanley Kroenke and if that name looks familiar to you, it should, as he, like the formerly discussed Laurie family, is an apple off the Wal-Mart tree and has Mizzou ties.

Could this be a way to circumvent the expensive buyout associated with Quin's firing? It looks like that could be the case, but let's reserve judgment until this rumor can be substatiated.

In any case, should it be true, it will be interesting to see how Mizzou responds. Our game with them in Mizzou Arena could be Quin's last college game before being picked up a few years from now by the likes of Southern Mississippi. Will his players win one for the Quinner or will they play the usual unmotivated ball to which we've become accustomed. In any case, this will likely hit KC later today or tomorrow if there's anything to it. And if there's not, well, you can just empty your unsubstantiated rumor bin.

More as I get it.

UPDATE: Now, from the opposite side of Missouri, another radio host weighs in. 810 WHB's Kevin Keitzman logged onto one of Missouri's fan boards and had the following to say:

My status with Quin is call anytime 24/7 if it's urgent. I called him and he was very glad I did. He referred to this "rumor" as "comical" and said he thought it was hilarious that they just keep coming up with this stuff. He said the same thing Mike Alden said about Kevin Slaten. They didn't say horrible things about him, but they asked me questions that they knew the answers. "Hasn't he had a bunch of jobs?" "Doesn't he have an ax to grind?" Stuff like that. But not in a serious tone. We spoke with a board of curators member too... and they all three thought this was hysterical. I've not seen a reaction like this in a long, long time. In my opinion, there is no way they would have all three called us back and talked with us like they did if there was one shred of truth to this thing. And I'm the guy that has repeatedly said that MU will not fire Quin, but who knows, maybe he's sick of it and he'll leave. But he HAS NOT decided that yet. If he were even considering another job, he would have been very serious in tone with me and actually would have hinted at it to maybe help create some opportunities. [snip]I don't know whether Quin is quitting, getting fired or staying. My educated guess is he stays. And I put that at 90%. But I can't report anything one way or another. Every ounce of instinct I have after talking with Quin, Alden, a curator and Slaten is that this story is bogus. 99.9% that this story is a rumor. And Quin was in a good mood tonight and said, "I'm recruiting a couple really good kids and this is the last thing we need."

He wished me well and we agreed to talk soon. I'll try to get him on tomorrow or this week. Hope this helps you guys, I know I'm always looking for info when something's going on and my show is over. So this is the best I can do. Thanks for reading and listening.

Did Slaten get set up? If so, who did it? Karl Rove? Deep Throat?

Yet another fascinating thread in the ash black and fool's gold tapestry that is Mizzou.