Blood is in the water

And the sharks are circling. We've all discussed it in hushed tones. We've all been through the what if scenarios. Now Gregg Doyel has gone so far as to ask for it. Ask for what you ask?

For a KU-UNC or a KU-Illinois National Championship game.

He lists 10 Games that he would love to see in an article posted today. After laboring from 10 to 2, he gets to the coup de grace

1. Isosceles vs. Isosceles: We'd trade every potential matchup above, gamble all those nickels and dimes, for a shot at the jackpot -- a national championship featuring Kansas against Illinois or North Carolina. Two years ago Bill Self left Illinois for Kansas, which was available because Roy Williams had left Kansas for North Carolina. Yes, an Illinois-North Carolina championship game also would be cool, not to mention the best possible game. But Bill Self vs. his Illinois recruits, or Roy Williams vs. his Kansas recruits, would be ... madness.

If by madness he means expensive he's darn right. Not sure which would be more expensive but my guess is that it would cost $500 to get into the building. I think more people would be interested in KU-UNC, but the wealth of Illini fans so close to St. Louis would be a huge upward force on the ticket market.

The blood of speculation, which has hung precariously over shark infested waters, has now fallen, and you can expect a lot more of these KU-UNC-Illinois speculations in the coming weeks. Particularly if they are all number 1 seeds, which I and evidently the majority of Phog Blog readers believe they will be.

Sportsline has another one on its way tomorrow for goodness sakes. The preview line reads as follows:

Roy Williams, Bill Self and Bruce Weber will be compared to each other for a long time. So? While Williams and Self have blue-chip recruits flying into their programs, Weber so far has squat.

What do you think Illini fans? Is this true?