KU Roundup

There's a lot of Jayhawk news today, so I'll try to give you a quick roundup. ESPN's "Power 16 expert lists", a breakdown of all the pundits' top 16 teams, was released yesterday evening. Bilas and Gottleib have KU at 4; Katz, Glockner and Lunardi have KU at #5; and Pat Forde has KU at #11 and OSU at #5. And a thousand Jayhawk fans quietly curse Pat Forde for his indeptitude (update: Pat Forde now has us as number 4, perhaps his list wasn't updated since last week). Judging by that list, we look like a 2 seed. (update: or perhaps a 1.5 seed factoring in Forde's update).

Indeed, in the College Basketball power rankings consensus, we are number 5.

When it comes down to it, providing we both win through next Saturday, and provided neither UNC nor Wake slips up too much between now and then, which is to say, that if things do not change very much from how they are today, we and UK will be 4 and 5 or 5 and 4 overall seed, respectively.

But for argument's sake, let's take a brief look at the teams.


Record: 22-4 RPI: 1 SOS: 1 Head to head: 1-0


Record: 23-3 RPI: 11 SOS: 49 Head to head: 0-1

I wouldn't be surprised to see us get a one seed if the tournament committee looks at it that way, but I really don't think it matters a hill of beans.

One other interesting storyline as the season ends is the disappearance of Rashad McCants, whose mysterious 'intestinal illness' will keep him out yet another game today against cellar-dweller Florida State. The line today is that his "illness" is brought about by stress due to his mother's incipient bout with breast cancer. We can only hope that he gets better soon at the good news that her cancer is thankfully not spreading.

If I were a Tarheel, however, I would be concerned that he had something more debilitating, especially if he doesn't play against Duke.

I'll leave you with my quote of the day, which comes courtesy of the Inside Carolina message board. The thread in which this quote occurred suggested that Wayne Simien should win national player of the year, a sentiment with which I heartily agree, particularly since he's averaging 28 and 16 in his last two games. Responding to this notion, one sage poster had the following to offer:

Don't get me wrong...Simien is good. Look at who recruited him. BUT I do think he'd be less dominant in the ACC. Different type of conference.

It's beautiful on so many levels I can hardly count them.