Luke Winn: KU Running at a National Title

Winn explores KU's changed tempo this year - and he doesn't think it's a bad thing. Using blogger-guru and friend of Phog Blog Ken Pomeroy's stats, he breaks down one reason why KU is better this year. You'll need to scroll down to see the section on KU. Here's an excerpt:

Although KU assistant coach Tom Jankovich said that "there has been no intentional change in how fast we play," he suggested a few possibilities, the first two are external: The fact that KU has played the nation's toughest schedule (affirmed by has kept it from really running. Second, more Big 12 teams than ever -- namely Texas, Iowa State, Kansas State, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Baylor -- are zoning the Jayhawks, which Jankovich suspects limits their ability to get quick baskets.